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La Méditation, C'est Quoi ?


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La Méditation, C'est Quoi ?


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La Méditation, C'est Quoi ?


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This program is for those who would like to teach Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation's flagship 6-week  program called "Meditation for personal resilience and peak performance" either through the Foundation or on their own


During this program, one will learn through practical sessions to teach various concepts that are covered in the 6-week program. One will also have the opportunity to get your questions answered by Master Chandra.

As a pre-requisite,


1. You should have attended fully  at least one of the previous 6-week program conducted by the Foundation. Please indicate the latest program you attended fully.

2. You should enroll and complete the 6-week Master class course of Udemy. The link for the course will be published once you register. 

3. You should have the intention to attend all the sessions of the Coach program😇 


chandra sir image.png

Chandra Pulamarasetti
Founder Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation
Successful Entrepreneur, Former VP,

IBM Corporation

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