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La Méditation, C'est Quoi ?


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An Advanced Workshop on Relationships by Shreans Daga

Dec 3 & 5
5PM - 8PM IST (India) / 6:30AM - 9:30AM EST (USA)

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Shreans Daga

Manifestation Mentor and Breathwork Coach


A successful entrepreneur, a doting family man and Vice-Chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Shreans Daga is also a passionate Spiritual Enthusiast who believes that knowledge is power, and knowledge shared is power multiplied.

A keen learner, a voracious reader and a man who puts into practice everything that he learns, Shreans is a living example of the victory of mind over matter. His intricate understanding of the power of the subconscious mind has helped him heal himself and empower and transform the lives of thousands of people all across the world.

Shreans attributes his vast knowledge of Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Breathwork and Manifestation to the hundreds of Global Spiritual Masters he has had the privilege to learn from. His extensive research on these subjects and daily practice have led to many life-transforming miracles in his personal and professional life.

Shreans’ mission has always been to impart his life’s knowledge and teachings, which was the inspiration behind setting up the Shreans Daga Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to empower people to reach their highest potential and create their own desired reality, by teaching them the Science of Spirituality. 

Join the Workshop To : 

  • Understand how you can develop a deeper bond with yourself and with others.

  • Be more open and inclusive of all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  • Learn unique and holistic ways of working on your relationships, and truly

experience a wholesome bond.

Benefits :

  • When you heal your relationship with one person, the positivity reflects in

        your other relationships too.

  • Clears your internal energy blocks.

  •  Activates the heart chakra and fills it with love and joy.

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